students' poems part 5

Poems by group I (Azlyn, Hafizah & Norayuni)

Things people Do

Nowadays, people want to do a lot of things
Technology change human behaviour
everyone come out with brilliant ideas
to improve their lives

so many things to do
from kindergarten to playgrounds
always...have curious about something
their acts always make we laugh...hahaha

stage which consists of a lot of challenges
always want to try something new
social problems are familiar with them
but, not all teeangers like that

they think more about responsibilities
care about family
like they care about themselves
give 100% commitment to their work and career
try to be a good listener as a friend

Now & Then

Ice cream soda, pepsi cola
the silly little songs we jumped to those days
now all i can see
are kids playing around
on their ipads and iphones

love letters on scented papers
i love you, you love me
now replaced by *ping* from BBM messages

books and paper
away with you
now the trees weep with joy
as power point become a teaching tool

now and then
past and present
things are different
moving forward ever changing
nothing is static


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