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students' poems part 6

poems by group J (surina & nurhuda)

Now & Then

we learn
we hear
listening to lectures
facing pop quizzes!!!

keep folowing rules
join discussion groups
do calculus
playing with plus and minus

going to class
study really hard
sleeping like a log
exam... SCORE!!!

having nice grade
facing different level of life
an engineer we are to be

Things People Do

Things people do
when they in love
their love story
just as perfect as Romeo & Juliet

things people do
when they are in trouble
the hospital is now full
with sick and tense people

things people do
when they are in traffic jam
the only perfect music played
is just a honk song

and yet after all
people just have to face it
and make it right

students' poems part 5

Poems by group I (Azlyn, Hafizah & Norayuni)

Things people Do

Nowadays, people want to do a lot of things
Technology change human behaviour
everyone come out with brilliant ideas
to improve their lives

so many things to do
from kindergarten to playgrounds
always...have curious about something
their acts always make we laugh...hahaha

stage which consists of a lot of challenges
always want to try something new
social problems are familiar with them
but, not all teeangers like that

they think more about responsibilities
care about family
like they care about themselves
give 100% commitment to their work and career
try to be a good listener as a friend

Now & Then

Ice cream soda, pepsi cola
the silly little songs we jumped to those days
now all i can see
are kids playing around
on their ipads and iphones

love letters on scented papers
i love you, you love me
now replaced by *ping* from BBM messages

books and paper
away with you
now the trees weep with joy
as power point become a te…

students' poems part 4

Poem by group F (syafeeqa, rahimah & amalina)

Things People Do

Social, bullying, independent thinker, depression
huh.. normally we are getting bored to hear
about the bad issues according to teenagers

smoking??? teenagers included...
why should this happen
lack of education and moral maybe
influencing by people of surronding

we should follow the right on what people do
positive attitude
that's the best way of real life

students' poems part 3

Poems by group D (afiq, asyraf, nasarudin)

Things People Do

Why are some people cruel and rude?
So mean and crude
They walk all over others
And why? I ask

Why have they grown so heartless?
Why are they bitter and cold?
What reason do they have to do that?
It is because they've never been told?
Maybe someone should tell them
That no one truly likes their action

Why do some people act
As if they've so much better that others?
They are no different than anyone else
Not a bit different at all
God made them with some mold
He saw the same love within everyone one of them
He made each and every person with equality

So when will they realize what they're doing?
That their life has gone all wrong?
That instead of living a good, nice life
They're off by miles long
Maybe someday they'll see
That they are no better than you or me

Now & Then

Now… we are happy
But then… can we still be happy?
Now… we may be rich of money
But then… can the money give us happiness?
Now… we enjoy the life
But then… what kind…

students' poems part 2

Poems by group C (aisyah, syairah & suhailah)

Things People Do

I wake up in the morning
I brush my teeth
I take a shower
I wear clothes
I ride the bus
Pit pit pit
Rapid card
I go to class
Study study study
Back to college
Eat eat eat
Sleep sleep sleep

Now & Then

When I was young
It's seem the light was wonderful
Miracle, beautiful and magical
My mom teach me
It's like this
It's like that
I got know
I got your love

I know how to be sensible
Logical, responsible and practical
And I know when you show me
A road that I can be
Intellectual, cynical and fluctual

When you were leaving me alone
Leaving me to live half alive
Deep took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back
The light in my eyes

I really miss
The first time you teach me
Cause you will never let me go astray

Even now and then
I will always put you
Deep in my heart and soul
Lot's love to you Mom

students' poems part 1

Recently I've assigned my students in the Engineering Faculty to use their creativity to come up with something interesting for the first 2 units of their textbook (unit 1- 'now & then', unit 2 - 'things people do'. This morning all ten groups presented in class and I was pleasantly surprised that they were all very creative and they came up with beautiful poems and some of them sang, as well as acted. I truly enjoyed their presentations and I would like to share with all of you some of the poems that my students have written. No changes or corrections are made to the poems. These are their original work.

Poems by group A (Azam, Haziq & Adam)

Now & Then

Your pictures are in frames
Hanging on my walls
Life is hard without you by my side
To have you here again
I would give them all
A picture cannot capture
The beauty of your skin
Or the radiating glow I'd feel when you grin

So I look at you, my soul mate
A picture in a frame
I cry my tears of sorrow, cause I feel …