Thursday, 9 July 2009

Micheal Jackson

On wednesday was Micheal Jackson's memorial in LA. When i first heard the news of his death over the radio, i thought it was just a hoax. You know, peole over there they like to come up with stories of celebrities being dead when they actually not. So, i thought it was one of those stories. Only when i saw it on the news did i believe that he's actually dead. A lot of his fans, die hard fans were and still are (as far as i can see) trying to accept the fact that he's dead. They cried, gathered to mourn his death by singing his songs and doing his dance moves. Me... no effect actually. Not that i wasn't a fan... I still am a fan of his songs, to me...yeah he's no longer with us, but his songs still are. But i do want to share some of my views on the King of Pop.

Firstly, i actually pity him. He was famous at the age of 5, that means he had had no life at the age of 5. He didn't have a normal childhood... he grew up to fast. I guess being in the entertainment business, he had no choice but to mature faster than his age. I guess that was why he built Neverland live out his childhood that he missed. I also pity him because he could not live a normal life. The media was always after him. He didn't have any privacy... whatever he did he was constantly being watched. I don't want a life like that.

Secondly, i wonder if he was actually grateful being born as an African-american (black) because he changed a lot over the years. He was no longer dark skinned. It was like he wanted to be white. It is my opinion that because of the massive 'overhaul' that he did on his body he got sick. So, looking at this situation, it makes me realize that we should always be grateful with what Allah has given us.

Lastly on the issue of whether or not he has become a Muslim. This is still not clear. To me, whatever he was...a Christian or a Muslim, it is between him & Allah. If he was a Muslim, Alhamdulillah...if not... but it is sad to know that they have yet to bury him. If he was indeed a Muslim...kesian jenazah.

Whatever it is, let us pray that Allah will always give us the strength to be on the right path and for us to be among the ummah who will be in heaven.