Friday, 19 September 2008

how to release tension

'Tension' is a famous word being used by human beings, especially the species called 'students':). There are many ways to overcome 'tension'.

Below were the things that i did to release my tension when i was a university student (in no particular order);
1. recited Yasin & Quran
2. ate chocolate
3. ate more chocolate
4.lepak with my close friends
5. listened to guns n roses and U2
6. read novels
7. ironing
8. watched movie

Below are the things that i do to relax now (in no particular order);
1. recite Yasin and Quran
2. watch my children play
3. indulge myself in a wonderful conversation with my hubby
4. ironing (i've always loved ironing...i find it to be very relaxing)
5. watch 'Friends'
6. listen to 'Daughtry', 'Guns n Roses'and U2
7. shopping / window shopping
8. eat (chocolate, Jco donuts, sandwich or cookies)

Everyone has their own way on how to relax and release his / her tension. Whatever it may be, as long as it doesn't hurt you and the people around you physically and mentally, i say..go for it. It is very important for us to know when to relax and how to relax in oder to keep our sanity in tact.

So.. have a wonderful life everyone! We only live once...treasure ourselves.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Salam. Today is the second day of Ramadhan. For Muslims, Ramadhan is very special. It is extraordinary. There are lots of things that could only be found and experienced in Ramadhan that can't be experienced in any other months. Fasting is one.... it's wajib, or a must. Though Muslims can fast in any other month, fasting in Ramadhan is very special as Ramadhan is the month which is 'wajib'for Muslims to fast. Ramadhan is the only month that one can experience solat terawikh.This solat can't be performed in other months. The experience of performing terawikh is magical.... Whenever i perform terawikh i feel touched and blessed. I'm blessed to be a Muslim, and to be given the chance to live this year so that i can experience Ramadhan again.

This Ramadhan, my 3rd son, Safwan, 6 years old is trying to fast for the first time :). The first sahur he woke up feeling excited and confident that he would be able to fast till maghrib. 1230... he came up with a proposal. He would only fast half day for the first week, fast 3/4 day second week and will fast till maghrib thereon... so... at 1230 yesterday he ate roti canai...he he he. Nevertheless, i'm proud of the fact that he woke up for sahur and tried to fast, even if it was just half day. He woke up for sahur again this morning... i don't know whether he'll have the strength and will to continue fasting till maghrib. Whatever it is, it's a good training for him.

As for me and my beloved hubby, we hope that this Ramadhan will be more special than the last. We hope that we'll be able to perform terawikh together till the end of Ramadhan.

To all... Selamat berpuasa.