Friday, 22 May 2009

What's wrong?

What's wrong with the world today?Influenza A is the latest fear. It seems like we are being 'attacked' by many deseases lately, one after the other. I wonder why. The weather also is not really 'normal'. It's really, really, extremely hot in one minute, then it'll rain heavily in another. Something is definitely wrong. What's wrong? I believe i can come out with a few logical theories or explanations behind this phenomena (at least to my view point).

Religion is my first point. Lately i feel that people are 'playing' with religion. We can see that today it's difficult to actually differentiate between the malays and the non-malays; Muslims and the non-Muslims. Just look at the way people dress nowadays...need i say more? Some claim that they are Muslims but they do not act like Muslims... drinking, free sex, drugs, killing new born babies, murder,...the list the goes on. There are even those who do not fall under 'male' or 'female'. Why is that? I've never actually come across any forms whereby they actually state 'male', 'female', and 'others;please specify'. It has always been and should only be 'male' and 'female'. It is such a waste when one decide to change their sex just because they believe that they are confused and they are born that way. Islam and also in any other religion, i believe, do not state that GOD's purpose to create humans is to make some of them confused with their gender. There's always a solution to everything and do not blame GOD for everything that goes wrong in your life.

Politics is another point that i believe contributes to this phenomena. Politicians today do not really fight for the people. They are actually fighting among themselves over power. Just look at what happened in Perak recently. What an embarrassment to the country. It was like kids fighting over a big lollipop. They have forgotten one of the first things that parents will teach their children...the beauty of sharing. I teach my children that if you've won something, such as a big lollipop, it is rather impossible for you to finish all of it on your own because it's big. It will be better if you share. Everyone will get a taste of it. If you fight over the lollipop, it might just fall and break into pieces and you might just lose everything. Politicians have forgotten this. They have forgotten the meaning of sharing. Instead, they find it most appealing to fight over power by actually degrading others, humiliating the other party and not to mention by blowing tons of money.

Last but certainly not least on my list is war. It's frustrating and disappointing to see that a Muslim country is about to disappear because of war and the other strong and rich Muslim countries just sit and watch. They have all the means to actually help but they choose not to. Just plain selfish!

Finally (actually i do have more on my list), most people today forget to actually say thank you to ALLAH and they forget, or maybe choose to not to pray. They forget that say ALHAMDULILLAH, thank you ALLLAH, for everything good that happens in their life. It's funny to see people will always blame GOD for the wrong things that happen in their life, and when good things actually happen, they forget to thank GOD. Many Muslims today also forget the importance of praying. ALLAH only asks very little from us...pray 5 times a day, yet we're not able to perform it. We ask a lot from HIM everyday, yet, it's so difficult for us to spend about 10 minutes to pray to HIM.

wow...i've rambled quite long this time. I'll stop here and let you, my readers, to actually sit and ponder about this. Peace!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

People always come to me and ask why do i do what i do, i.e. teaching. My answer is very simple... i love to teach. i have always known that teaching is my 'thing' since primary school. i'm not the 'office material'. i can't picture myself sitting in an office 9-5 and do office 'thing' (whatever it may be). Why do i love to teach? Hm.... there are thousands of reasons for me to give, but most importantly is because i love sharing my knowledge with others. i love to share my experiences with others with the hope that they would get something from it. I love it when i go somewhere and i would always bump into some one who knows me and he / she turns out to be one of my students whom i used to teach. i love the feeling inside me when i know that i have touched someone else's life and contributed in some ways in their quest to achieve their dream.

Well... those are some of the many reasons on why i love to teach. One important lesson that i learn in my job is that when i teach my students, in some unique ways i also learn from them. so it is actually a reciprocal process. In short... why do i do it? I JUST LOVE IT, that's why :)