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November was a rather hectic month for me. I had to pack the whole house because we were moving to a new house. Unfortunately, my dearest hubby was away on work most of the time so I had to do the packing myself. However, on the actual moving day, Alhamdulillah, hubby was around. Moving is no easy task. A lot of things that one has to do... packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, clean up old house, cleaning up new house, decorating new house... and the list goes on.
I was very fortunate that on that moving day, some of my students (JAD U1 boys) came to my aid :). I was very touched and happy with their presence. They help meant a lot to me (and still do). So I'm now settled in my new home. My kids are happy with the new place, so does my maid, Dewi. More spacious i guess. I do, however, miss my old house. Even though it's 'petite' in size, it carries a lot of memories. It was the first house that we bought after we got married. I believe new memories will be created in…

safwan's first gig

I've been wanting to share this for quite some time, but i've been rather busy lately.
Last November, Safwan had his first 'gig'. His first concert. Every year, towards the end of the school term, Safwan's school (pre-school), holds a 'Majlis graduasi & Penyampaian Hadiah'(graduation n priz giving ceremony). So, this year, though he didn't get any prize, he was selected to perform a nasyid and he was the lead singer :) He was very excited about it. WE were excited about it. Our son's first concert. Ha ha ha. Everyday he would practice at home. The nasyid was in English, one of the nasyids that Yusof Islam's composed. Fortunately for Safwan, he has been listening to the nasyid before he was seleted to perform. So, he was very familiar to it. So, the day finally came. His performance was the first performance for the day. My hubby even recorded it. I was nervous for him. I was afraid that he might experience stage fright and forg…