Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Recently there have been many cases of people 'throwing away' their, 'throwing away' sounds so mean. But, then again, it IS an extremely mean thing to do. The government has launched many campaigns to educate the society of this issue. They are encouraging the spirit of love and awareness. Even the celebrities are taking part in the campaigns. However, what I want to share with you today, is not about the campaigns, it's more of my personal views on this horrific matter.

What has been playing in the society's minds is 'who is to be blamed?' Some would blame the parents, some would blame the girls / young ladies and the boys / young men involved, others would blame the government. I say all of them are to be blamed, even the society (including me). Why? There are a few rationales;

Firstly, education starts at home. It is the parents' responsibility to nurture their children and provide them with food and shelter. The children are supposed to be loved and cared for. Parents need to spend quality time with their children and communicate with them. Trust is something that is sometimes lacking between the children, who have already become teenagers, and their parents. Somehow parents are now considered as enemies in their eyes. Why is it so? Perhaps parents today are too busy chasing material wealth and claiming that the 'so called' wealth is for their children's future. Due to their hectic life, they forget the most important factor... their children. Time for the children is very limited and sometimes it is spent on scolding instead of communicating. As a form of escapism, the teenagers resort to other means like friends and the 'special person' whom they feel could give them what they lack from their and attention (maybe).

Secondly, since as young as 1 year old, children are to be exposed to religion, be it formally or informally. As they grow, they are supposed to be equipped with religious and also moral education. With strong religious belief and practice, InsyaAllah, these kinds of mishaps could be avoided.

The government and the society are also partly to be blamed as we never learned from mistakes and past experiences. If you notice, actions are only taken when bad things had happened. This issue has occured for many years and yet it remains to be unresolved. The media is also another contributing factor with the amount of movies, dramas, magazines, etc, that are sometimes portraying that free sex is OK and the 'in' thing now. Religious programs on TV and radio are very limited and when they are being aired, it's only for a short limited time. Compare this... an hour religious program such as Al-Kuliyah (it's about 40-45 min actually, minus the advert) and a two-hour movie. I'm not saying let's not have movies, but we should have a balance in everything that we do.

Wow... this is long. I better stop.

This issue is an issue that is bound to happen again unless serious action is taken. Awareness of this issue should be given to children starting from standard 1 because lets face it... standard 1 pupils today are not like before. They are more advanced with the aid of modern technology.