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My precious little bumblebees

I've been married for 11 years and i am blessed with four beautiful children and each of them is unique in their own way.

Amirah Syafiah Saiful Amin. My first born :). She's 10 this year, in standard four and a prefect. She's rather competitive in everything that she does and she likes to try out new things, new food. She would drag me to whatever audition that she could get herself into. I sometimes call her 'drama queen' as she could be very dramatic at times. She's rather sensitive but very caring. She loves making cards for me and my husband. She would write letters to us apologising of the wrong things that she had done. I treasure every single card, letter and drawing that she has 'produced', and i'm sure there are more to come :).

Amin Ridwan Saiful Amin, 9 years old. My second child. He's bigger and taller than Amirah. Unlike Amirah, he's not very competitive. He's content with what he has and he's very Compassionate . He will…