Friday, 7 November 2008

My precious little bumblebees

I've been married for 11 years and i am blessed with four beautiful children and each of them is unique in their own way.

Amirah Syafiah Saiful Amin. My first born :). She's 10 this year, in standard four and a prefect. She's rather competitive in everything that she does and she likes to try out new things, new food. She would drag me to whatever audition that she could get herself into. I sometimes call her 'drama queen' as she could be very dramatic at times. She's rather sensitive but very caring. She loves making cards for me and my husband. She would write letters to us apologising of the wrong things that she had done. I treasure every single card, letter and drawing that she has 'produced', and i'm sure there are more to come :).

Amin Ridwan Saiful Amin, 9 years old. My second child. He's bigger and taller than Amirah. Unlike Amirah, he's not very competitive. He's content with what he has and he's very Compassionate . He will try out new things or food, but not as aggressive as his elder sister. He's not interested in auditioning for anything, he doesn't want to be on TV or appear in a magazine, he said. He also doesn't want to be a prefect like his sister. He said he treasures his time... he would rather play during recess than doing prefect duties. Ha ha ha... good reasoning. He's also very passionate about his collection of Hotwheels cars and he really concentrates when he watches TV or movies. He's into drawing, we are expecting a lot of drawings in future :).

My third son, who is six, is Amir Safwan Saiful Amin. He has a colourful character. He's cheeky, he's active... runnning and climbing here and there, he's bold and very talkative. He can get on his brother's and sister's nerves easily. He likes to make his own conclusions on things. He has limited choices of food as he doesn't take meat, fish or chicken. He only eats bread, roti canai, rice or macaroni with soup, plain spaghetti and biscuits. Like his eldest sister, he likes to write letters to us too :).

Aina Zakiyah Saiful Amin, 3, the baby in the family. She's the combination of all three. She takes over her sister on the 'drama' side. She watches TV like Amin and she moves like Safwan. Now that she can speak, she takes control of the TV at home, and CD in the car. Her siblings are sometimes annoyed with her, but they have to give in as she's the youngest. But my hubby and I do not let her get her way every time. In terms of food.... she doesn't take rice at all. But for a kid who doesn't take rice, she's quite chubby:).

Well, though they are different in some ways, they are special in every way. They are my precious little bumblebees and I love them with all my heart:)