Saturday, 16 August 2008

My parents

When i was about 11 - 12 years old, my parents got divorced. Though 'divorce' is a dreadful word, i must thank my parents for not making their divorce very messy. What i mean is, both of them were very honest to me and my brothers form the very beginning. They told us the reason behind it, and they made it clear that no matter what, they still love us. Of course at that time i felt clueless, helpless and my world was falling apart, but at that moment i grew up.

Not long after, my father remarried. Again, i thought that i would have an evil stepmother just like snow white and Cinderella, but i was wrong. My stepmom, whom i now call 'mummy', is not like the stepmom like you watch on tv or read in fairy tales. Of course, it took me... both of us i think, some time to really accept each other, but now, we have a wonderful relationship. We are able to do things together and she has always introduced me as her daughter and not step daughter. My relationship and my brothers' relationship with my dad too is still very close, and this i have our magnificent mother to thank.

My mother is the most wonderful human being. Ever since the divorce, she has never said bad things about our dad and she has always reminded us that our dad loves us very much and we should always respect him and love him. Hatred and vengeance were not in our menu. My mom made sure of that. My mom is still a single mother and she has no plan to remarry. She said her life is now complete with the presence of her grandchildren. My parents, though divorce, share a wonderful friendship. Even my mom and my stepmom can actually talk to each other whenever they meet in events like birthdays or weddings. All three of us actually went shopping together for my wedding 11 years ago. My dad has never run from responsiblity even though he has four other children with my step mom. In short, though i come from what people labelled as a 'broken family', my family is not broken at all. Instead, i couldn't have asked for a better one.

What i'm trying to say here is, even if you feel that your family or your parents are not the best people in the world, they are still your family and you are a part of them. To parents who are divorced, do not instill the feeling of hatred and vengeance in them. Do not let them feel like they are the victims. They should be loved and cared for. Always, always communicate with your children and don't just be their parents, but be their friends too. I'm very thankful and grateful that i'm loved by my parents even though they are divorced. My parents taught us the importance of communication and being honest. I thank my parents for never lying to us and for always listening to us. They are our parents and our close friends too.

For those who come from a so called 'broken family', do not use that as a reason for you to
indulge yourselves in negative social activities by giving excuses like 'tension' and 'i hate my parents'. You are what you want to be. If you choose to be in the dark side, so you will be. Choose to be smart and your life will be blessed, insyaAllah.


I had a great opportunity to go to Japan last March to accompany the first batch of JAD HELPIII students. It was certainly a magnificent trip, and i enjoyed every minute of the time spent there. Before going, i didn't really know what to expect. I thought i would die of boredom. Fortunately for me... it was the total opposite! I actually found myself in a wonderful adventure. I actually prayed in the open and to my surprise, i was really khusyuk and focused when i was performing my prayer in the open with no proper telekung. However, when the time finally came for me to bid farewell to my much-loved students, it certainly was a teary occassion. 3 years spent with them, they are more like my brothers and sisters than students. Nevertheless, i'm really proud of them and i believe that all of them will graduate on time :). Soon the time will come for me to watch another batch of students starting their journey in a foreign land. Like always, I pray for their success and i hope that all 86 of them will be able to set the precious little minds in the land of the rising sun.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Today i had a wonderful lunch my my students - the TOEIC GOLD ACHIEVERS :). We had subway sandwich n Jco Donuts...Yum Yum....sedap... :). Here are the pics.

Sayonara Anuar sensei

Yesterday my colleagues and I had lunch together... all 20 of us the local lecturers and staff. First time ever.... and it was because one of us is leaving. Later, we had a farewell dinner together with the Japanese lecturers for Anuar sensei. It is rather upsetting for all of us to lose such a great, experienced lecturer. It is actually a waste for the program. Nevertheless, for Anuar sensei, it is the right thing to do for the sake of his career. He'll be in a better institution which would appreciate his skills and knowledge more. I personally would like to thank him for sharing his wisdom and giving his opinions whenever i asked for his views on certain issues.

So, sayonara Anuar sensei. May you be blessed always.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Count our blessings

I've just come back from Bandung, Indonesia last week. It was not my first trip there. I enjoy going there as shopping is totally óut of rhis world'. Anyway, what i want to share with all of you is not about the world of shopping, it's more than that. I remember the first time I went to bandung about 3 years ago, i was very surprised to see a lot of small children begging on the streets. My last trip was no different. I was walking down Jalan Riau, where all the factory outlets are situated, when a small boy carrying a few 'batu lesung'on his shoulders came begging to me to buy his 'batu lesung' because he was hungry and had no money to eat. Now...what am I supposed to do with a 'batu lesung' and how am i going to carry it back to KL? Later, as i was buying some toys sold by the road side, came this cute, small little skinny girl begging for money. I think she must be not more than 5 years old. 'Kesian bu...'she said to me. The first thing that came out of my mouth was...'kenapa macam ni?'

I was really taken by the sight of the girl. She was very small and skinny, and later as i was in the car, I saw her brother (i assumed) carrying her and i think he must be at least 9 or 10 years old. I refrained myself from shedding any tear. I couldn't help but to think of my own children. How lucky and fortunate they are to have almost everything that their little hearts desire. I wish i had brought my camera so that i could take the children's picture and show it to my children so they would realize how blessed they are.

We, Malaysians, are always complaining of every single little thing. Yet, we forget that we are very fortunate to have lived in this country where our children are not out begging on the streets. We have more than enough to eat. We are able to send our children to school, and for those who can't afford to, there are always individuals, organizations and even tv stations that would come to the rescue. People always like to compare themselves to others who are better off than them, that they sometimes forget there are many out there who are less fortunate than us. We should always count our blessings. Always be grateful with what we have and never forget to pray to Allah so that He would bless us always.

Salam... Hi :)

Salam. Hello everyone! For your info, i'm a first timer in this 'blogging world'. Reading blogs by the people i know n care has caused me to try out this blogging thing. I'll try to share my thoughts as much as i can. I do hope that u... my readers will enjoy sharing my stories with me. U r more than welcome to leave any comments.