Thursday, 18 August 2011

Be grateful, don't complain

Sometimes in life we feel that what's happening to us is not fair. We feel that people are not being fair and good to us. We feel betrayed. Sometimes we feel that we do not know whom to trust, we feel that we've given and done our best, yet, our best is not enough for others. At times we question, why some people have all the luck in the world and we don't. we feel as if we are always on the losing side. Sometimes we wonder do other people actually go through what we have gone through, do they feel the sadness, the disappointment, the frustration that we have felt. We wonder and we question. When we keep wondering and questioning, we tend to come up with our own answers; we complain. We complain on each and every issue that we could find. We try to make others feel miserable just because we are not happy. We envy of others' happiness. Little do we realise that everyone in this world would have gone through and will eventually go through what we've gone through. Allah is fair. So, be grateful in life. Be happy for others and we will always be happy. Treat others like how we want to be treated. Hatred should be demolished in our heart and mind. Always believe that whatever Allah has installed for us, it is for the best. Allah is Almighty, He loves us and He is always there for us. So, when you are faced with any challenges in life, be grateful, don't complain. Remember Allah is there for those who believe.

A year has passed

It has been a year or maybe more since my last blog. A lot has happened. For starters, I am no longer a lecturer in JAD, I am now happily lecturing in UiTM Shah Alam. I must admit, it was pretty difficult for me to adapt to the new surroundings and environment at first, but, a year has passed and I think I am adapting to things here rather well. Although I do miss being in JAD and miss teaching the students, I find that being a part of UiTM is interesting. I meet new students every semester, this is certainly a plus point seeing new faces every semester, but I have to figure out a way on how to overcome my weakness though - my failure of remembering students' names. It can be rather frustrating at times. Perhaps my long-term memory is getting shorter by the day, hm.... My colleagues here are nice and very helpful. Two things that I find myself still trying to tune to are the 18 hours of teaching and also working in a big group. I was the only English lecturer in JAD for about 7 years, so the transition does take time. I'm still juggling with teaching classes and my PhD research which is, by the way, moving like a turtle. Wonder when it's going to transform to the speed of a horse (at least). I have a feeling that maybe my supervisor is regretting taking me as her supervisee coz I am super slow, hahaha. Alhamdulillah, I have a wonderful hubby who is always there and also my good friends. Whatever it is, don't give up, they say. Alrighty then, I will not give up!