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Micheal Jackson

On wednesday was Micheal Jackson's memorial in LA. When i first heard the news of his death over the radio, i thought it was just a hoax. You know, peole over there they like to come up with stories of celebrities being dead when they actually not. So, i thought it was one of those stories. Only when i saw it on the news did i believe that he's actually dead. A lot of his fans, die hard fans were and still are (as far as i can see) trying to accept the fact that he's dead. They cried, gathered to mourn his death by singing his songs and doing his dance moves. Me... no effect actually. Not that i wasn't a fan... I still am a fan of his songs, to me...yeah he's no longer with us, but his songs still are. But i do want to share some of my views on the King of Pop.

Firstly, i actually pity him. He was famous at the age of 5, that means he had had no life at the age of 5. He didn't have a normal childhood... he grew up to fast. I guess being in the entertainment busi…

What's wrong?

What's wrong with the world today?Influenza A is the latest fear. It seems like we are being 'attacked' by many deseases lately, one after the other. I wonder why. The weather also is not really 'normal'. It's really, really, extremely hot in one minute, then it'll rain heavily in another. Something is definitely wrong. What's wrong? I believe i can come out with a few logical theories or explanations behind this phenomena (at least to my view point).

Religion is my first point. Lately i feel that people are 'playing' with religion. We can see that today it's difficult to actually differentiate between the malays and the non-malays; Muslims and the non-Muslims. Just look at the way people dress nowadays...need i say more? Some claim that they are Muslims but they do not act like Muslims... drinking, free sex, drugs, killing new born babies, murder,...the list the goes on. There are even those who do not fall under 'male' or 'femal…
People always come to me and ask why do i do what i do, i.e. teaching. My answer is very simple... i love to teach. i have always known that teaching is my 'thing' since primary school. i'm not the 'office material'. i can't picture myself sitting in an office 9-5 and do office 'thing' (whatever it may be). Why do i love to teach? Hm.... there are thousands of reasons for me to give, but most importantly is because i love sharing my knowledge with others. i love to share my experiences with others with the hope that they would get something from it. I love it when i go somewhere and i would always bump into some one who knows me and he / she turns out to be one of my students whom i used to teach. i love the feeling inside me when i know that i have touched someone else's life and contributed in some ways in their quest to achieve their dream.

Well... those are some of the many reasons on why i love to teach. One important lesson that i learn in my j…

January '09

It's February 2009 time flies. What have happened so far? A lot actually. Let me share with all of you.

Me & family:
1. Safwan enrolled in school this year...yup! Std 1. He's pretty excited about it :).

2. I've gone back to being a student:). Doing my PhD in Language. Now I have 4 roles in my life; a wife, a mother, a lecturer and a student...woo... that's a lot of role switching...tiring but worth it:).

3. I'm coordinating the Japanese & English Language course for English subject this year...rather interesting actually. This year, for the last batch, we have 190 students and 90 out that we'll be chosen to join the ever prestigiousJAD.

4. A tragic and traumatic incident happened to me on Saturday,31st January 2009 at about 3pm. I was on my way to Sunway Pyramid from Shah Alam with my daughter, Amirah, and as i was navigating my Avanza up the curve to enter Subang, my car skidded and i lost control of the car. My car hit the left divider, then …