Tuesday, 3 February 2009

January '09

It's February 2009 already...how time flies. What have happened so far? A lot actually. Let me share with all of you.

Me & family:
1. Safwan enrolled in school this year...yup! Std 1. He's pretty excited about it :).

2. I've gone back to being a student:). Doing my PhD in Language. Now I have 4 roles in my life; a wife, a mother, a lecturer and a student...woo... that's a lot of role switching...tiring but worth it:).

3. I'm coordinating the Japanese & English Language course for English subject this year...rather interesting actually. This year, for the last batch, we have 190 students and 90 out that we'll be chosen to join the ever prestigious JAD.

4. A tragic and traumatic incident happened to me on Saturday,31st January 2009 at about 3pm. I was on my way to Sunway Pyramid from Shah Alam with my daughter, Amirah, and as i was navigating my Avanza up the curve to enter Subang, my car skidded and i lost control of the car. My car hit the left divider, then it was spinning as i tried to control it, and hit the right brick divider. Luckily the cars behind were not driving fast and managed not to hit my car. Alhamdulillah, Amirah is ok. Me... on the other hand, i'm still trying to get the courage to drive again and to get the accident out of my head. My husband and mom are giving me endless support and encouragement. My car is in bad condition, the front part. It is now in the workshop and would probably be there in about a month. Fortunately, Amirah is really fine...no trauma or whatever. I made sure that I didn't cry in front of her after the accident and at home I do not show her or tell her that I actually haven't gottn through it yet. I'm not hurt physically but my body is aching on the right sight...effect from the impact of hitting the divider. Alhamdulillah no broken bones or internal injuries. Doctor gave me a few days to rest at home.

Other parts of the world:
1. I feel very upset and angry with what's going on between Palestine & Israel. I'm more frustrated and disappointed that the Arab countries are not really doing anything about it. I hope Allah will turunkan bala to Israel.

2. I'm looking forward to seeing my students again (JAD 3, 1st batch). They are coming home for their semester break. It would be great to see them and listen to them 'merapu' again:).

3. I'm happy and proud the my students (batch 2) will be graduating soon. Yeah...:) You did it!

Ok. I guess that's it. For now that is...

Peace to the world!