What's happening ..... ?

My son , Amin came home from school last friday evening looking very upset. He looked like he was about to cry as he pushed his bike. True enough, the second I asked him how was school, he shed a tear. He was beaten up by three form 2 boys. I was shocked.... Beaten up? On his 8th day of school? What surprised me more was that the boy who started the whole thing, kicked him from behind when he was on his way to perform his 'Asar prayer. He was surprised, so he turned & kicked the boy back. The boy then punched his face & when he wanted to punch the boy back, the other form 1 boys stopped Amin from doing so & adviced him to inform the teacher. He then went to look for a teacher & little did he know that the bully followed him with two of his buddies and punch his neck & head from the back. Again Amin was hit & the boys fled. Amin didn't even know the boys. He had never seen or met the boys before that Friday. He told his form teacher but she didn't do anything as Amin didn't know the boys' names. The teacher, instead of actually doing something about it, told Amin to inform her the next time Amin sees the boys. What....? I was upset when Amin told me this. To me, as a teacher, she should've acted on it immeadiately. I guess she assumed it was nothing. Assumptions..... Amin had a very bad headache that night and his head was a bit swollen. My husband lodge a report & went to school today to see the Principal. The boy was identified by Amin, a malay boy, & got his punishment. The sad part was, when asked why did he beat Amin? He answered "no particular reason, my friends asked me to". What is happening to our younger generation? Beating up people for fun?

Last Saturday while I was picking up my daughter from school, I saw few malay boys in school uniform smoking right in front of the school gate. Again, i pose the question.... What is happening to our people? I see the malay teens being swept away by what may seem like 'THE' 'in thing'. Smoking, doing drugs, making out, the girls dressed in short skirts, and some even wearing hot pants, some even look like as if they are not wearing anything, only covering the necessary 'parts'. Sad to see.... They are malays...Islam. What is happening actually? Scary is it not...?


aMaryLLiXe said…
sedihnye..no reason nak buat org mcm tuh.. apa la nak jadik ngn Malaysia.. takut lak nk blk ..sob sob...
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